we become so obsessed with creating that we forget the joy of discovering

Play-Station 1..2..3. DS.. DSLite...DSI...DSExtraLarge. Plasma. Bigger plasma. Cinema Size TV.
iPhone. Laptop. Twitter. Facebook. Email. Blogs.

We become so consumed with rolling ahead, desperate to not be left behind. I watched a movie last night, and an old man was struck by the fact that the world never slowed down; it just kept moving ahead, never to enjoy anything but just to get better than it is.

It's how we live. Cars buzz past. You get your pen license You get your driving license. You can vote, you can do what you want.

I don't want to grow up. Everything moves so fast and sometimes I just look up at the sky and I wonder how I can just slow down.

Slow down. Reminds me of the lyrics to the song Blink by Revive.

slow down, slow down... before today becomes our yesterday
You know the song by Nickelback, If Today was Your Last Day? It's on the blogpod if you haven't heard it. Not so big on the music but the words are so... inspiring. Thought-provoking.

We're not going to live forever. There's one thing that matters, always has, always does and always will. I believe it with all of my heart and I just have to live it, every moment of every day. 


Yeah, it's love.

You ever hear the quote, "Love like Jesus is coming back today"? Because that's what we got to do. Puts a godly perspective on things. On life. On people and on love.

Walk outside or pull aside the curtains and just look up at the sky. Jesus is gonna come back, and you know what? He loves you.

He died so that we could love Him and we could seek Him and when we seek Him with all of our hearts we will find Him. And so that forever and ever, the eternity kind -- we will live with Him.

We are called, you know. We are called to live a life of love. Just as Jesus did. Love Jesus, love others as we love ourselves. We gotta love with everything we are.

“Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” Matthew 22:37-39 NIV


  1. You're big on this love thing, huh? I wonder why that would be? ;D Seriously, tho, loved your post. And, hey, I have a question about the Hunger Games...although I know a lot of people, including my friends, love the series, I've held off from reading them because of just hearing what it's based on - children who are sent out to kill each other in order to be the winner. It kinda has me wondering. So, I'm just wondering, what do you think about that aspect of it? :)

  2. Yeah. Why? Because to live is to love and to love is to live. And we just gotta practice loving like Jesus does every day and I just keep reminding myself.

    The Hunger Games. That plot sounds kinda twisted, huh? I didn't know what they were about when I picked it up, so I was just reading... it's terrible, the whole killing thing. Of course it is. Monstrous. But the book is unpredictable and if you're looking for a good read, I recommend it. :)


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