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You often hear of people's success; making their way up to the top and just totally livin' the life.
We accomplish stuff that we're proud of. But most of the time? It's all about us. Just like you don't bother to talk to the new kid at school because you've got your friends -- even though you remember your first day, too, but you just don't want to look dumb or something -- we're thinking of ourselves. 

I've posted a verse quite a few times I know, and I'll post it again.
"So you want first place? Then take the last place. Be the servant of all." [mark 9:35]                                
There was this bus driver. I think that maybe he was retiring. Oh, sorry, he was the boss of the company. Anyway.
He decided to give all eighteen-hundred of his employee's a thankyou for being apart of the Bus Driver Club or something, so... every single worker opened their bank accounts to find amounts ranging from eight thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars.

The boss had given away fifteen million dollars to the workers as a thankyou.
He could have kept that money and bought a whole bunch of stuff this world deems as important. But what did he do instead? He saw the opportunity to love people. And not only did this guy see the opportunity, but he acted on it; he gave, he blessed.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."
 That's what Jesus said. And that's what we gotta do. Regardless of how important people think we are -- that's not what matters. Whether they like us or think we're weird. It doesn't matter; all that matters is that we love Jesus and we do what He wants us to do. And then we've got to look beyond the outward appearance and see with Jesus' eyes; with His perspective. We need to see that it doesn't matter if I've got an iPhone or a two dollar phone that's been dropped a thousand times and barely even turns on. If our TV is a hundred inches or ten. If you're loud and always have something interesting to say or quiet and listening to everyone else. The thing that matters, what's important -- is that you love Jesus. That you obey Him. That you die to this world and give Jesus your life. Because that -- because that is life. Real life. When you realize that the mistakes you made don't define you; that Jesus forgives you. When you learn to see the opportunities He's giving you. When you know that this isn't some place where you'll muck around for a couple of years -- ninety, perhaps, if you're lucky -- and then just cease to exist. 

Nu-uh, that's just not how it works. In the lyrics of Amy Grant's In a Little While

In a little while
we'll be with the Father
Can't you see Him smile
In a little while
We'll be home forever
In a while
we're just here
To learn to love Him
We'll be home
In just a little while

I really like that line; we're just here to learn to love him...Not to get rich and famous and live in a big old mansion with two hundred servants and three hundred bedrooms and ninety bathrooms, not to mention the twelve lounges, the two tennis courts, the pool and the bowling alley. The massive wardrobe filled with clothes you'll never have enough time to wear and all those drawers with jewellery and shoes and crowns -- just like on Princess Diaries 2. 

Not about looking cool and hoping, just praying that people will think you're as cool as they are today. Nah, I'm serious -- that's not what matters. I know it's so hard to believe. But it's true. The world isn't going to last forever. 

We've got to forget about ourselves. Love Jesus, love others! Give, bless, hope. My life isn't my own. I gave it to Jesus. Now I don't gotta worry. I just got to trust Him. 


  1. So wonderful. I love the Princess Diaries 2 analogy :) And I love the C. S. Lewis quote! I think I never read a C. S. Lewis quote that I didn't like.

    Abbie /// XOXOX

    p.s. what's your pinterest account name? i wanna follow you!

  2. Wow. What a powerful post. I am so glad I read this today! I really needed these words. Keep writing for Jesus, you are doing great things for Him! I love the quotes and verses you put. :)

  3. Beautiful post Emii! You're so right! I want to live the real life too! :) Love that quote picture!

  4. Yes, yes! Thank you for this, Emii. Love the C.S. Lewis quote - yeah, Abbie, I agree; I don't think I've ever read anything by him that I didn't like! ;)

    Oh, and I love the new header. :)

  5. So true! I love those lyrics by Amy Grant. And that quote by C.S. Lewis. reminds me of the song "C.S. Lewis Song" by Brooke Fraser. You should listen to it if you haven't yet. =)


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