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PS I don't know about you, but typing "be yourself" into pinterest and seeing those quotes makes me happy. i love pinterest. looking at beautiful picture's makes me happy. picture's of autumn leaves and dirt roads and rainy days. 

Let's say everyone's life is a book. Okay, so everyone's got themselves as the main character, right? And their friends playing the supporting roles. Occasionally you appear -- open the door for them or to say, "Hey, how's your day going?" Hardly seems important. No-one's even going to know who you are. You're basically invisible.

Now let's say that everyone's book is published. All those main-characters are going to blend into one -- "Wait, this person -- wasn't she that person's friend?"

Except, there's this one name that keeps on appearing briefly through many of the books. It encourages and it gives, it laughs and it helps without hesitation.

As the books are read, this seemingly insignificant role isn't invisible; no, it's made visible.

The small things we do in life don't go unnoticed. We don't have to stand up on the tallest mountain in the world and shout, over and over again, "Hey, look at me!"

We must love people in the small ways. And then, gradually, we'll be able to love with a greater capacity and depth.

picture's via pinterest

We'll become more and more like Jesus, every time we love.


  1. oh my - you took these pics, Emii? they're gorgeous! thanks for sharing. :)

    and, wow...such wise words...amazing illustration, the life books.

    ...i want to love with a greater capacity and depth. ;)

  2. This was...beautiful :) Thank you for writing this, I needed to be reminded that the little things really do matter!

  3. oops, nicole, i'd better go add 'via pinterest' to the photos! sadly not, but i wish i owned books as cool as these! and a typewriter. how awesome would that be?!

  4. uh, yeah! the tealish typewriter you posted of couple of weeks ago? so cool! ;)

    Happy Valentine's Day, btw! <3 er, here in the US it is anyway...didn't you celebrate it already, yesterday?


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