in katniss's world

For the past week or so, I have been living in another world. As a result of that, my thoughts have been somewhat not-normal and I treat water as I should -- without taking it for granted. It's been an amazing time, and to be honest I am still there, inside number three of the trilogy. 

Yes, I am reading The Hunger Games. 
Yes, they are the most amazing books in the entire world. 
No, I can't put them down.
Yes, I raced through my maths test today so that I could go back to reading it already. 
And yes, I have to go see if everyone's okay; I must get back to the book. 

 “For this is the original message we heard: We should love each other.” 1 John 3:11 


  1. I've started reading the first book! They seriously are addicting! :)

  2. I know! The first one is absolutely AMAZING.

  3. Yeah yu are so write they are the best book in the world!!


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