dear 16 year old me

I like video's that make you think. I don't know how hot it gets in the rest of the world, but Summer in Australia is just plain old hot. Ever watched the Australian Open? (Tennis). Trust me, it's hot. I love watching tennis. Go Federer! Tomic! Djokovic! Nadal!

Anyway. Oh, and I wasn't just talking about the sun because I could.

I don't know about you, but it's just makes me realize that we've got to look after ourselves. Wear a hat, wear sunscreen.
And you know what, it nearly made me cry, this video did.


  1. Oh, man, thanks for this! I mean, I'm not really into tanning...or even going into the sun... but I rarely put on sunblock :P
    Anyway, thanks a bunch for posting this!

  2. Saw this video a while ago and it really does make you realize that what we do today might be something we will regret in the future. I hope more people get to hear from these peoople.


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