wall of words

I took photos yesterday. And so I thought I'd post one of them. I like to call it... 

Words on the Wall.
 I thought I'd post another one, too. I love the chain attached to love, because... Jesus was held on that cross; and why? for love. Because He loves us. and the chain says hope and i think it's pretty beautiful. Oops, I was trying to write properly with capital letters in the right spot, but I get I failed. ;) We'll call this one...

Chains of Hope & Love

Hope you're having a wonderful week. I'm just reading Pride and Prejudice, still recovering from that sunburn... reading Romans -- one of my most-loved books in the Bible. Books ever, make that.

love must be sincere; hate what is evil, cling to what is good. [romans 12:9]


  1. Oh, those are beautiful! :) And I really like the example of Jesus being held on the cross for love. :)

  2. Beautiful, Emii!! I think my fav is the Chains of Hope & Love. :)

    And Romans 12 has got to be one of the most amazing chapters in the whole Bible. Ya gotta love it. ;)

  3. Cool pics!

    Want to check out my blog


    ps. cool blog!

  4. wanna know something?? you make me sooo jealous ;) cuz you are just WAAAYY too creative! Hahah :) but i loove ya soo much girly and these pics are super amazing too...esp. the words on the wall!
    and blue converse = lovee :)



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