Judge not, that ye not be judged.
I wrote a song awhile ago, about just loving people because we're not God. 

I was thinking yesterday. We've got eternity to live forever in Heaven with Jesus. Pure bliss of happiness. Joy, peace, laughter. For all of forever that will never end. 
What are a few short years in this world that aren't always good, always happy? 
I'm here to love people so that Jesus can show them that He loves them.
The whole point of Jesus coming is so that we'll be saved and live in Heaven forever.
that's why we live, so that other people will know 
and believe and come to Heaven, too.
i don't want anyone to die.
this life i'm living, it's Galations 2:20;
this isn't my life, i died to this world. 
the life i'm living here, i live it for Jesus. 
not me. i have Eternity in God's Kingdom which is more than beautiful and spectacular and awesome and good; it's God's place, and He's preparing my room; that's where i'll be happy. 
but for now, i'm living here for Jesus. 
not me not not me not me.
not what I want, not what i think, not what i say

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding; in all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

We don't know everything. Instead of just thinking about what I want and blah blah blah, I gotta remember. 

Yeah, life will be hard. Yeah, it's not going to be everything I want. But I'm here for Jesus. I want this world to be saved, I want them to know that Jesus loves them and I want them to love Jesus. What did Jesus say to that lady, the one all the people in town wanted to stone?

"Then neither do I condemn you," Jesus declared. "Go now and leave your life of sin.

Forgiveness. Jesus died so that He could love us and so that we could live forever with Him. And you know what, that's my dream.
That everyone will love Him.
That's why I live my life. I want every decision I make, every word I speak, to be of Jesus' love. Because for me, that is life.

"So, you want first place? Then take last place. Be the servant of all."


  1. This is so good! It's easy to forget the reason we're living and to become selfish, only living for ourselves and think that we have God to make our lives happier and easier. Which is not true at all. We're who we are because of and for him; he isn't who he is for us!

    Thanks for this reminder. =)

  2. This blog is awesome after reading i got reminded again that Jesus loves me which i sometimes forget due to peoples words and also that to forgive as he forgave all our sins. this is awesome that we can share gods love through this blog....i love it


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