fruit,fruit and.. more fruit?

The other day I went to a fruit shop. Fascinating, I know. I had a camera, and I took photos. 
I had to refrain from taking too many, because I had a feeling I was suspected as the Fruit Inspector. But that kinda made me wanted to take more, because it sounded cool.

listening to: the hill, by glen hansard & marketa irglova
spent a few hours: writing
reading: pride and prejudice
ate: lasanga&salad

It's such a... Summery fruit. I do heart Summer.

Yes, I am just trying my hand at a picture post. How's it going? ;)

This is pineapple. In case you didn't know that. 

Beetroot; I'd never actually seen a real, life beetroot in my life. Only the canned ones. And pears.

And if you'd like to read the post I wrote about control, by all means, click here. Ooh, and a question -- it's been a long while since we've had a mini-interview. Any inspiring people out there you'd love to hear from?


  1. You did a great picture post ;) I liked the pic of the nectarines {I think that's what they are...?} best. :) And hmmmm....have you interviewed Sarah Anne Sumpolec, or BJ Hamrick? It'd be cool to see an interview of them. :)

  2. Thanks, Trinka!:P Yepp, they're nectarine's. :D Ooh, yes!Thanks!

  3. you're a fabulous photographer!!! mmm, I'm hungry now for some fruit ;)


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