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it's the last day of the year; twenty-eleven sure has flown by, hasn't it? we've all learnt a lot, i'm sure. and to read a post about time and life and God i am going to direct you over to one of my favourite blogs, blooming in Christ. 

listening to: falling slowly, beautiful song.
watched: lizzie mcGuire movie. love you Gordo.
writing: my good old novel.
just read: on writing, stephen king.
reading: a book i got for Christmas, not quite sure what it's called but it seems interesting.
feeling: contentedly happy to write and laugh and live and breathe.

i love music. i love quotes and looking at books. words and pictures and stories and memories. this place, this blog that i've written in for almost three years, it's a place where i can write and not be graded and break all the writing rules i want. although it probably wouldn't hurt to use capital letters in the right places, i suppose.

i love Jesus and these words that i heard the other day, that go like this;
i have to take a step; that's what faith is all about, isn't it, God? taking a step, not knowing what's ahead but going anyway. because i trust Jesus. 
Jesus, thankYou for this year. i pray for the people who've been hurt, and the people who lost people who they loved. thankYou for everything You've taught me, for the good things and the bad things where i learned that You love me. for blessing me and for loving me. for holding my hand. and for singing with me and writing with me and taking my heart and slowly, in every moment, guiding me, showing me, leading me, Your way; with Your heart. so that i can become just like You Jesus; one day, one day. ♥

But glory, honour and peace for everyone who does good.
You love us, Daddy! You want us to be safe. You give us so many good things; You bless us. I pray that everyday of my life, I will trust You.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.
We think we know it all! But to let go, let God, well... we have to trust Him with all of our hearts. And... not depend on our own understanding. Because, honestly? Even the brainiest, smartest, most knowledgeable person in the entire world, their understanding... really isn't that much. Trust God. 

as we enter twenty-twelve, i pray that we'll remember that life on earth isn't just some place we live for about eighty years and then we cease to exist. no, it's so much more than that. it doesn't end. because Jesus, he died on a cross on this exact planet... He came from Heaven, from perfection, from glory. the presence of God.. he IS God. i'm not going to pretend to understand, but i know one thing: Jesus loves You and he's preparing a place for You in His glorious house and He wants you to accept; he wants you to run into His open arms and He'll love you. no matter what, Jesus loves you and nothing will ever, ever change that. 


  1. Hey Emii, thanks for the link up! :)

    This is such a beautiful reflection of what God has done in your life this past year. Your heart is so sweet! Your comments on my blog as well as all of your posts are a constant encouragement to me. Isn't the Body of Christ so neat? We can mutually build each other up in the Lord -- and we haven't even met!!!

    I pray that You grow even closer to the Lord this new year. Keep up your genuinely honest and sincere posts.

    - Chloe

  2. Great post, I totally need trust God more too. Happy New Year! :)


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