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Chloe over at Blooming in Christ wrote this comment and I just have to share it.

 I know how easy it is to get wrapped up in "stuff." I need to keep in mind that, though enjoying things on earth is not wrong, I need to make Jesus my Treasure.
 Recently, I read a quote by J.I. Packer, which said, "In the order of creation, pleasures are meant to serve as pointers to God." We even enjoy things for God. Our mindset should be, "Wow, this stuff is great...just think how much better God is!"

It's all good to love that pair of Converse you're getting for Christmas, and the new iPod dock you wish you were getting -- but let that show you how much more awesome, amazing,  how good God is. 

Sit outside and listen to the birdies tweet and meet with God. Just be with Him. 

And if I don't post before then... I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, tearing apart the wrapping on those presents, listening to carols, eating lollies and sitting down to tell Jesus, "Happy birthday." 

Merry Christmas. How fast does the year go? 

Oh, and one of my favourite parts of Christmas? The way you go to the shops, you buy something, and the shopkeeper smiles and says "Merry Christmas!" 

Happy Birthday Jesus. 
God went to so much to make sure that You were safe here, the day you were born. People didn't want you around, Your whole life; but You had a purpose, a reason; You were here to serve God, to save us. 
And You did. 
ThankYou, Jesus. 
for everything. 
for life. 


  1. Oh, Emii!

    You are such a joy and so very funny!
    That's what I love about you. :D

    Enjoy this blessed Christmas weekend, Emii!


  2. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog! Merry Christmas to you, too! :)



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