time in between

I discovered a new song when I bought my $5 Fransesca Batistelli CD, My Paper Heart. It's called, "Time in Between" and for me? That first verse strike me as something so powerful.

It says, Jesus is real. He was glorified in Heaven and then God whispered, "Hey, Son... you have to leave tonight." And Jesus grew up in this place here, just like you and me. You know what I think? Jesus knew what He had ahead of Him, what was coming once He lived His purpose for His life on earth -- the majesty of Heaven, the air soaked in love, the angelic choruses -- literal angelic choruses, seeing as that's where the angels live. Facing trials on this planet, Jesus knew that this wasn't His final destination, and that no matter what, He wasn't giving up -- He was here to die for us, and that He would do. And that He did do.

thankYou Jesus. that's really the only words i have.


  1. I love that.
    Francesca rocks.

  2. Wow! great song :) i love the part where it says "i know my song's incomplete, but i'll sing in the time in between". So true!


  3. Wow, what a beautifully written song. And so true.

    Thanks for the answer, BTW, to my question. ;) And I think I'll buy the books. Thanks again! <3


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