Love God, Serve Others

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I'm just here, writing a song. Playing guitar. Listening to music. You know, living life.

Love God, Serve Others
I'm guessing God gave me those words because I've being thinking them all day without even wondering where they came from.

I once heard this saying, "You can give without loving, but you can't love without giving."

It doesn't say, "Serve God, love others." [Referring to Love God, Serve Others. Good thing I'm reading through this.:P]

You know why? Well, what I think?

To do anything, anything in this world with God... it's gotta be through loving God. Because God is love and that's just how life goes.

Love God, Serve Others. 

If we're loving God and really loving Him... we're going to have Jesus rolling through every piece of our hearts and our minds and lives. It's going to make a difference on the way the world sees us and the way that we see the world. We're going to be serving people just as Jesus said -- the way that Jesus served.


  1. we have to be servants with leadership. (haha, just learned 'bout this yesterday). it's difficult to balance, but we have to serve others and stand up for what we believe in at the same time. so yeah. i just created a new word.

    servership - leading people in the right direction by serving them like Jesus would.

    anna :)

  2. Love it, Emii - thanks for the constant reminders of loving God and serving others. <3

  3. Yes. Serving is so important. It must flow from a love of God so strongly that all we want to do is love the way He did. :)


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