dear God,

 I'll be praying. For all of us. That we... love God. Know God. Obey God. And that He becomes our everything in every day, every moment. in every worry, in every accomplishment.i want God to be my everything.


  1. Thanks for praying for us, emii

  2. Wow...are you using the same Holy Spirit I'm using? (as in the line from The Princess Bride, 'I wonder if he's using the same wind we are using.' my family changes it to Holy Spirit a lot ;) sorry, that was all probably kind of confusing.)

    Tomorrow I'm planning on posting a prayer for whoever reads my blog and encouragement to live like Jesus - to live IN Jesus - in everything we do, whether it be relationships, school, jobs, etc. :)

    So, yeah...I just thought that was cool.

    And thank you for your prayers!! You have such a sweet spirit, Emii. Thank you for continually glorifying God through your blog.

  3. The more we seek Him, the more we will find Him. I love your heart, Emii. Keep seeking His.


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