Book Review: Love Finds You in Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Can I just say, Robin's books stick with me. I read the third Katie book -- and that night I dreamed of those chimchanga things from Casa de Pedro. Like, I watched the shop keeper make it and then I ate it. I don't even know what a chimichanga is. It was like Subway in my mind. Just to let you all know.

I read this absolutely wonderful book by Robin Jones Gunn about a week ago, and I can still see images of the big waves in Hawaii and a broken staircase with a big, loud storm and Jordan clicking away on his camera and Sierra's wild hair moving in the wind and that beautiful peace I always feel when I read one of Robin's books.

Set in what I guess we'd call two different point of views -- moving from Jordan to Sierra -- this romance was innocent and wonderful and I could literally see myself right there on the beach, watching as Jordan (You'll meet him once you start the book, in case you have no idea who I'm talkin' about!) takes photos. Feeling the sadness of characters and making decisions right alongside Sierra.

The beautiful God-things demonstrated in the book that delve right into my life. The advice, the love, the words.

So, here it is. The beginning of Sierra's life after Brazil. It's been four years since Rancho Corono and that awesome as frozen yoghurt machine that I've always wanted -- and Sierra's friend is shouting her on a vacation to Hawaii. (Did I really just write vacation? I'm not American. I meant holiday.)

If you love the Christy books, the Sierra books, the Katie books and you've always wondered what on earth happened to Sierra... well, may I recommend this book? Because you'll love it. You really will.


  1. I LOVE Robin Jones Gunn- especially the Christy Miller series. :)

  2. Oooh, that looks really good! Except...I haven't read the Sierra Jensen series yet! I read all of the Christy Miller books (even her diary and definitely the college years) and the Katie Weldon series, but, well, I hate to buy books because I'll most likely never read them again (I'm really bad about that, but either the book has to be extremely good or I have to be extremely bored for me to re-read anything)...and the library doesn't have the Sierra Jensen series, even though it has this book! Ah, well. Maybe I'll break down and buy them...or do the inter-library loan thing that takes forever. :p

    Anyway, thanks for your wonderful book review!! Oh, and a question - how do you get to do all those amazing interviews with authors?

  3. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! She actually wrote a sequel to the Sierra books? That's so awesome!!!!!
    Okay, well, I've never actually READ the Sierra books, because my library doesn't have them, and I've never been able to find them at a store. Except for this one time. That one time, I found the LAST volume of it and it was less than $1 because of a super cool sale, so I got it. But I've never read it! I kinda want to read them in order ;)
    Haha, I guess what I wanted to say was : That book sounds awesome, and thanks for reviewing it! :)


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