another diary entry

it's really late. i can barely see. but i have to write this down.

On Sunday, Dad preached about God being awesome and us being in awe and... reverent? And I got to thinking of God reaching as high as, like, a really tall sky-scraper. I was like, "Whoa," and imagining myself just falling on my face or something. But it's just occurred to me. This is earth. We have, what, nine planets in our solar system -- the Milky Way -- right? The farthest we've gone is the moon -- our moon. There's a whole universe out there. Out there, our solar system is barely a speck. It's like on that Indescribable DVD.

God is bigger than the universe? We try to understand God and why He does things and how He does things... but really? I can't even comprehend how big He is.

We're all about being equal in this world, aren't we? Chance to vote, everyone gets their say -- but you know what my Dad pointed out? We start to think we're the same as Jesus, don't we? We place ourselves on the same level, make ourselves equal with Him.

Why did Jesus, in all His glory and splendour and perfection and love and everything good... come here?

It's pretty simple, actually. Does the answer mean anything to us? Will it ever?

He loves us. 
Remember, right back at the beginning of us... when God created the world? Oh, He had a plan. God was right there with Adam and Eve in that beautiful garden that He'd planted and raised and created Himself.

How does God see us? I mean, He's so big.

[big] 1.large, as in size, height, width, or amount: a big house; a big quantity.

Is that honestly as big as we can see? Are our perspective's that small? 

Why don't we fear God? Do we just shut off from our minds the fact that God is bigger than the universe -- that He created it in a breath?

Where do we get this thing that we don't need Him, that we're fine without Him and that we can just be our own person or something?

People think of God destroying people. You know, those stories in the Old Testament. But what was He doing? He was leading His people to the promised land -- and He wanted them to get there. Why? He loved them!

Jesus came down to earth. What did He do while He was here? He taught us how to love! Love, love, Love!

"Hope, faith, love -- and the greatest of these is love." -- Paul.

God loves us. And that is why he created you and He created me. He wants us to be with Him in eternity -- that's what He wants. And so He made it to be as simply simple as He could.

Trust Him. Love Him. 
With your life. With your heart.

I mean, He's bigger than the universe. Why on earth would we just turn our back on Him?

dear God,
there is so so so much that i don't understand. 
but You are bigger than everything. 

i'm just sitting here, pondering that. 
you really do care about us -- every single one of us on this tiny little planet. 
and I do know. 
You love me.

What on earth did I ever do to deserve this, God? To deserve Your love? Your compassion, mercy, forgiveness?
Absolutely nothing. 
All I can do now is obey You. Love You. Listen, believe.

how can we comprehend Your love... if we can't even begin to comprehend Your size?


  1. I really needed this, Emii. Lately, I've been just thinking of God as someone...small, I guess. Just, like, a little elf who pops out of your pocket whenever you need Him. :P I hardly ever think of the fact that our God is SO VERY BIG!!!!! Thanks, again. Your posts always make me think. :)

  2. wow, emii! your posts just keep getting better and better. you're totally right. God IS reverent and more powerful than we make Him out to be. we kind of stick Him in this little box as though He's only capable of certain things. but He came to earth, performed miracles, and gave Himself for us through Jesus!

    and to think we stick Him in a box like He's not. we do need to rediscover the reverence factor in our relationships with Him. yes, Jesus is your best friend and He loves you, but He's also God and we need to treat Him like it.

    <3anna :)

  3. You've got a great point here! You're so right! He loves us so much more than we'll ever be able to understand. And for some reason we just don't get it. This post reminds me of the song "Set the World on Fire" by Britt Nicole. Great post Emii! :)


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