it's not some list

Today, I heard this question being asked.

"What if you died and... wherever you think you go -- Heaven -- isn't like you thought it would be? Wouldn't you regret that you spent your life following all those rules and having no fun?"

It dawned on me then. People think that being a Christian is about rules. Like a whole list of things we have to do. 

You know what Jesus said when he lived in this world? Probably, because I post about it, like, everyday. He said to love eachother. Jesus said that it summed up everything, this one commandment.

I think that some people look at God and think that if they're going to become a Christian, you've suddenly got to be perfect. And then it's like, "Uh, yeah, right. This religion is like, not my type."

It's not a religion. It's a relationship.
Jesus came to earth and what'd he do? He made friends. He hung out with them. He didn't say, "Yo, Peter -- no swearing."  He didn't judge. He loved.

You know something? It's not up to you and me to judge people. We're called to love. Where on earth did we get this piece of mind that it's up to us to judge people!?

I'm not perfect. You're not perfect.
What's that verse? Our imperfections are made perfect in God?

I really can't think of the words I need. 

alone, i'm nothing.
i'm not good. 
people look at Christian's and what do they think? that we think we're better than them? that we act like we don't like them?
because let me tell you, there is only one difference.

i realize that i can't do this alone. 
that Jesus loves me -- He really does.
that without Him... it's impossible. 
with Him? like one of my favourite verses -- anything is possible. "With God? You've got every chance in the world."

people have questions. they're thinking. 
because God is real, and He places Himself on their hearts. 
God loves everyone -- He does.
He wants us to live a life of love for Him right now
so that He'll be able to wrap His arms around us and welcome us into the beautiful place He's got ready.
He wants nothing more than for you to be there.

it's seeking to find Him in every aspect of you life. 
it's knowing that you live for a purpose; a purpose God created, wrote up, before the beginning of time.

and i just think that there's something beautiful about that.

"you just gotta have faith."

listening to: falling slowly


  1. you're so right, Emii!!!

    While God does give us some commandments to live by, the greatest was to LOVE.
    Love God, love our neighbors, love our enemies.

    *shakes head* It's a shame more people don't understand this.

    love always,

  2. Well, yes there is a certain amount of things that we need to do in order to lead a good life, but I think that in the end, things turn out better anyways. So it's not a matter of following rules to get into heaven, but rather a choice to live a life that's pleasing to God.


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