He holds our life

you know what is so great about life?
i don't have to worry. i don't have to wonder, "what will i do if that doesn't work out?"
with God, there's no fear.
He wants me to just give it all to Him -- everything, my whole life -- just pile it into His arms. He doesn't want me carrying it around.

and so i do. it's a constant thing, surrender is. i have to pause, and just think, "why on earth am i taking this with me?"

God wants us to give it to Him.

dear God,
i give it to You.
those little fears that like to rise inside of me.
those worries.
the good times and the bad times.
memories of the past and thoughts of the future.
take it all, God
i don't know what i want.
You know what You want, though, God.
take me with You. ♥


  1. I never thought of surrendering as a constant thing, but you're so right! :) I have to remember this. To give God my worries and fears and not hold on to them. Great post!

  2. This post was awesome Emii! It really helped me today.And it was so sweet...thanks so much for posting it. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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