[a diary entry]

if this was my last day, i'd...
Say hi to the person across the street.
I'd forgive the people who made me angry,
I'd stand up for what I believe.
I wouldn't worry because my worries wouldn't matter, 
Whether or not people like me, I wouldn't care. 
I'd give God the glory for good instead of trying to claim it for myself.
I'd set my mind and soul on above, with God in Heaven, not here on earth.
There'd be no time to sit down and listen to the devil's lies.
I'd spent every minute getting to know God, to hear Him, obey Him.
What people say wouldn't mean a thing.
My messy room wouldn't matter... but I'd strive to do my best, finish this world at the end of the race holding God's hand, knowing that He will be glorified.
I wouldn't judge, because before this day is over, I myself will be standing before God.
Everything I say, everything I do, every decision I make, they'd be from You because I'd listen and obey You, Daddy.
I wouldn't worry about tomorrow.


  1. wow... your aspirations are so convicting! i haven't thought about what i'd do if it was my last day to live. which is funny, 'cause this could be it.

    made me think..

    anna :)

  2. Lovely post...
    It really makes you think.
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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