chase them 'til you catch them

When I read about an artist, (the musical type) the biographies (autobiographies? I never really got which one was which.) that I love the most are the ones that say something along the lines of,

"...never intended to become a professional musician, instead..."

There's something about that -- having a different idea of life, but then something bigger than what you knew just appears. A new opportunity, or something just suddenly clicks into place -- God has a plan.

I've discovered so many great tracks and artists that I'd never even heard of before -- thanks to Pandora. Because on the radio, there really isn't that much played other than the, what, top ten?

Reading "Somebody Everybody Listens To" by Suzanne Supplee.

Tangled -- "Go. Live your dream!"

We all have dreams. Take Jesus' hand, and He'll lead the way. Trust me -- you won't catch them without Him.

This post was like, all over the place. 
Oh how I love the randomness of life. 

Listened to before and love: Little House by Amanda Seyfried 
I think I'll: learn it on guitar.
I'd better: um, finish my homework. sadly.
I read: this really powerful passage in the Bible that I'd never really thought about that much before.

It's Spring, but... rainy. Which is beautiful. 

Oh this is fascinating, writing in small font. How fun. 

Here's something to remember...
Life is real. And Eternal life is forever.


  1. Oooh, I love you Emii!!! {not in a creepy way, of course!}

  2. God's definitely teaching me how to let go of my dreams and let Him take the lead......I'm still a work in progress, though. ;)


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