Book Review: Solitary

The other day I picked up this book from the shelf and started reading.  I was hesitant at first, because even though I got this from a Christian bookshop, it seemed the author was a bit of a horror writer.

I'm definitely not a horror reader. Or writer.

So why on earth did I keep turning the pages? Because it was written so well. It's terrible, how you have to keep reading and you can't put it down even though the plot is horribly scary and eerie.

It made me laugh. Sarcastic or just plain old funny, I'd almost read it again just hear those lines.

It's like, not in this world. Except the main character, Chris, was so real.

Reading this book, you can learn a whole lot about how to write a book -- but the bad part is that the scenes don't leave your mind straight away. Not cool. If I could ask the author to change genre and write normal old living life fiction, I would -- because I want to read his works but am stayin' away from horror!

This book is good because in a time of vampire's and were wolf's, teenagers seem to love all that horror stuff. So it's an alternative, in the way that it's not... well, about vampire's!

Would I reccommend this book?
Well, if you like horror and creepy and don't mind being scared -- I suppose you'd love it!
But if you're like me and think Christy Miller is the best thing ever written, well... Robin Jones Gunn has just released a new book about Sierra and her love life -- a couple years on! Yes, I know the next book on my to-buy list!
I'm sayin' this because I looked up quite a few reviews on Solitary before they read it -- and each reader seemed to love it. So I'm just speaking for myself. :)

Written by Travis Thrasher, you can check out his website here.

And whatever you choose to read this week or month or year -- happy reading!


  1. EEEEKKKK!!!!! {Did I really just right that?} She wrote a new book?!?!?!!? I'm def going to have to check it out!!!!

  2. I KNOW RIGHT! I just ordered it. :D


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