Book Review: Coming Attractions

Yes, this is Coming Attractions -- book number three in the spectacular series about Katie by Robin Jones Gunn.

Okay, so, if you've never read the Katie books -- they're just so, oh, I don't know -- Katie. Funny. Random. Beautiful. Romantic. Full of God-things.

One of the things that struck me as I read Coming Attractions is the way Katie just plain old trusted God. No strings attached.

God will work everything out. He always does. 

Adventure. We always knew where Christy would end up, right? With Todd.
Oh, but Katie's beautiful story is so different. I mean, Rick? That's been the dream since, what, forever, right?

So there they are, happy and comparing flavour of ice-cream or whatever romance they're filling their much-needed get-together with.

And then things change. Unexpected, random -- that's what I love about Robin's writing. Unpredictable -- like Todd, really. But special. And with this wonderful poetic-ness yet fitted with a totally twenty-first century vocab.

There were some laughing moments. I just love when authors put in those totally unnecessary paragraphs that make me giggle and cause me to read them at least twice. Or conversations that are just plain silly or hilarious.

Serious moments. Sunrise mountains and starry nights. Chimichanga's from Casa de Pedro.

I've read reviews by people (as opposed to by animals, I guess;)), and some just don't like reading about people eating food and talking. Can I just say -- I love that. I love reading about Katie buying a coffee and Todd eating fish tacos. Although, since I don't really eat sea-food... that doesn't sound very appealing.

And something else? Katie's not perfect! She says the wrong things and she regrets it and she doesn't just do everything right all the time! "I said the wrong thing, didn't I?"
A real character. Maybe I'm just some book-nerd, but Katie seems real to me. And that is writing talent, isn't it? Yes. Yes it is.

And so, with that, all that's left to say is... Yes, I recommend this book. Yes, I read it during maths. Yes, it also kept me company during science. Yes, if you click on this link HERE it will take you to the Mini-Interview with Robin Jones Gunn I posted a few months ago... actually, more like a year ago. Wow, time flies, hey?


  1. I love that we see life through Katie's perspective - as well as Sierra Jensen's... oh and then there are the Glenbrooke Series... I just love that every character in these books are connected in some unique way. That is why I love Robin's books. They've kept me company all throughout my tweens and teenage years. I'm turning 18 soon, and it's amazing to have Christy, Katie and the gang growing up beside me. Albeit, a lot faster than I, but you know what I mean ;)
    Thanks for posting this. Just reminded me of the good times I've had reading all these books :)
    God Bless. -xx-

  2. i just love christy miller and sierra jensen. todd has set my expectations for my guy but i have yet to read katie's series! i will definitely have to get book #1 and read it...during math and world civ and oh, you know...every class ;)

    anna :)

  3. Oh Emii! You are bad! At least we know just how much you loved it though ;) Robin Jones Gunn has a flowing happy writing I tihnk. I can remember hearing about the food...it made the books cozy. I must have read these a year or something ago. I'm surprised by what I can remember...
    I thought Rick was okay.... Eli was such a nice guy though :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  4. I read the Christy Miller series and really enjoyed those books! I've yet to read the Katie Weldon and Sierra Jenson series. But I bet they're really good as well like you said. :)

  5. I'm in love with Robin Jones Gunn- her books are incredible! Christy and Todd are still my fave over Katie though... ;)


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