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So I've been awarded by Tessa at Christ is Write, which is pretty cool because it's been such a long time since I've been awarded/tagged. And I do like the occasional tag.

First off -- seven random things. It orignally was "about me" but looking back... I pretty much wrote random stuff. So oh well. Things change.

[1] After reading that Ireland book by Melody Carlson I developed a new fascination for Ireland... and so I went to the library and got some big books about the place. I felt quite scholarly borrowing them. Like, hey, this is me, reading non-fiction. I've never been much of a non-fiction reader. Thankfully, these book are more like travel stories. Not that I've exactly read much of them.

[2] My nails are purple and blue right now. That is, because of nail-polish -- not because they were jammed in a door or something. 

[3] I happen to think The Call by Regina Spektor is pretty sweet. 

[4] I often read a blog post that I really love, that teaches me something important -- but I don't know what to comment. I think that's when the Facebook 'Like' button comes in handy. Just in case you were wondering.

[5] Perhaps someday soon I'll do the Random iPod Tag because it's been a long time. 

[6] I have a pet rock. My whole class got them last year. Pretty cool. ;)

[7] It's Spring, and that means... it's nearly Summer! 

Okay, now to tag some people. I tag... [not that I'm altering the rules or anything...] 

Melody -- Vividry

Oh. Here's the award -- I almost forgot. 

Check out this quote, by William Pitt -- a friend of William Wilberforce. 

"We're too young to know that certain things are impossible... so we will do them anyway."


  1. I quite enjoy reading your blog posts you know.

  2. Congrats, girlies! you deserve it :)

    Hahaha...yeah, i kind of figured you meant nail polish, but that's good to know that you didn't slam them in the door!

    :) my friend and i painted rocks when she came to my house one time which was pretty sweet if ya know what i mean...

    hmm...i've never read The Call before, but i guess that's something i should add to my reading list...

  3. Emii,
    You've been awarded the Lovely Blog Award on my
    Go and check it out!


  4. ohmyword, I have such a desire to visit Ireland! And yes, I always feel rather important coming out of the library with books other than my usual novels. :p

    The Call is one of the loveliest songs ever written, in my opinion. <3

    annnnnd that's a pretty cool quote. :)


  5. Hey Emii! You definitely deserved this award - your blog is indeed lovely! =)

    Oh and thanks for the award! (I don't check blogger everyday, so that's why I'm commenting kinda late!)



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