of me and of you

every moment of every day doesn't have to be spent
as if we need to be contributing to society
it's okay to spend some time just lying down
my fingers typing these random words on the keys.

listening to music
where i don't know all the words
but two,
knowing that i'm alive and here
it's okay if i mess up and say the wrong thing

the sentences people say to me
well what they think doesn't mean all things
you see people are just people
there's no hierarchy.
everyone makes mistakes,
some of our limelights are just greater than others

we discover that true wisdom is in God
He's the one who'll teach us how to love
we could spend our whole lives
fighting and pointing out our differences,
our mistakes and making faces

life was never said to be fair,
Jesus' death certainly wasn't because of fair
but God is love
and to live life of God
is in love.


  1. Wow your blog design is absolutely lovely!

  2. yay I'm your 200th follower!

  3. Hey Annie! Thankyou.. and thankyou again!


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