it's always a practice

No matter how old you are... no matter how many people have gone out before you... if you're the one who missed out on a chair... it was a practice. Always.

Musical chairs. I just played it. It was, of course, a practice.

It's the funniest thing to watch, especially playing with your brother and sisters as well as the other random kids that are visiting.

The Guest [Music Stopper] Out! No more practice's!
My sister: (Yelling to be heard) It was a practice! Practice!
*Everyone calling "Out"*
The Guest [Music Stopper] It was a practice! ...no more practice's!

The next round was, of course, a practice.

Oh the life of musical chairs. If you don't give up on requesting that round be a practice, you'll never be out.

A little advice on musical chairs. Next time you go to a party, you'll know how to stay in the game. I was pretty pro at pass the parcel, too. I used to win the cookies that you got if you won at a McDonalds party. How? Just pass it to the next player as quick as you can -- I was always the oldest, and everyone else just wanted to unwrap it as soon as they could -- and I knew that you could only unwrap it once and if you didn't, well, you'd get the last one. Cookies anyone?;)

Have a great week!

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  1. i love musical chairs! :) and you sound pretty good at pass the parcel... just how many birhdays did you go to at McDonalds?? haha


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