hope is coming

we weren't made for this place. God didn't create you and me to live out a life on earth and then disappear. here we are -- to learn to love. i once read a post by Melody over at Vividry. and i once heard a song by Brooke Fraser, based on the quote above by CS Lewis -- called CS Lewis Song.

those times when you wonder what life's really about, when you look around you and wonder what's supposed to be happening, if there's a purpose.

there is. in those moments, i know one thing if nothing else. God is real, and He's the reason i'm here. we're living on this earth, yes -- but not forever.

we are not long here 
our time is but a breath
so we better breathe it
and i, i was made to live
i was made to love 
i was made to know You

Hope is coming for me
Hope is coming for me
Hope is coming for me
Hope... is coming

dear God
i don't always have the words. like right now.
but i pray that You will make my heart like Yours.
that my dreams will be of Yours.
that i will love like You love.


  1. So true, Emii - this life...it's not forever, but it was also given us for a greater purpose. What are we doing here not using this wonderful opportunity that God has so graciously given?

  2. Love that quote! I added it to my inspiration journal! :) Lovely poem Emii!

  3. I gave you a lovely blog award, Emii. I know you probably get these a lot, but if you have the chance maybe you want to stop by and do one?

  4. I love love LOVE this post, Emii! Sometimes I do forget that this life isn't our permanent one; that we were made for something much better.

    oh, and thanks for that song. Beautiful!!

    love always,

  5. If I had to pick a favorite song... this would be it!


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