Glorify Yourself, God

Hey! I'm so tired! We've done two shows in our school production -- which I have failed to tell you about, oops! -- and two more to go. Want to hear something insanely cool? I know God is with me.

Every time I prepare to go on the stage, I remember these words: Glorify Yourself, God.

It's not about me. This -- life -- is about God being glorified.

You can't live by fear and by faith at the same time. 

I'm living by faith. I'd like to share this quote with all of you, too, that I also read in the Do Hard Things book.

If we take a step despite feeling uncomfortable, afraid or inadequate, our comfort zones expand. We grow in strength and skill. What we consider normal for us changes, sometimes radically.
You know what? When we die, we're not going to care about that awkward moment when we said the wrong thing or wore the wrong top, sung the wrong note or  totally stuffed up the dance.

It doesn't matter. Let's allow God to glorify Himself.


  1. Ahhh such a great post(duh it has a Do Hard Things quote!) and such a wonderful message. Bringing glory to God feels better than bringing glory to me. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. Amen! You're sooo right. it isn't about us, but about Him who lives within us. To God be the glory! Hope your solo went well, btw!

  3. Just wanted to say "well done you!" You LIVED that quote this week - and did an awesome job, might I add! oxo

  4. Thanks, Dani. And may I just say you did an amazing amazing amazing job with the costumes? Well, you did!:D


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