book review: notes from a spinning plantet ,ireland

Aunt Sid invites Maddie to tag along while she's off in Ireland on assignment, along with Ryan -- the cute guy about the same age as nine-teen year old Maddie.

While riding a plane for the first time kinda freaks her out, Maddie discovers Ireland to be a beautiful place -- with some old, tired mysteries inside.

This is one of the, "Wow. What a great book. It was so real." An authentically good book. As in, I finished the book wishing I could visit Ireland. The characters were fun, realistic and the plot was interesting and new. Being judgemental was one of the issues focused on, in an "Oh I can totally get that" kind of way. You'll find yourself agreeing and disagreeing, and generally just wanting to be in on the adventure.

I would definitely recommend this book. And the best news? You can find it insanely cheap -- I mean, $5.00. For a good book.

I'm SO ready to buy book number two in the series and join Maddie and everyone in Papua New Guinea!


  1. oh awesome!!! This is like my favorite series ever!!! So amazing!

  2. Looks like a good book and for $5? i better hurry up and order one already...

    Hope you have an amazing weekend!


  3. The other two were definitely good, but this one was my favorite! Have you read Double Take? It is the BEST book I have read from Melody! The BEST! It was so awesome! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  4. Oh, so I'm not the only one? I read some other reviews, and people were sayin' how they didn't like it as much, one of the reasons it seemed all the characters did was eat food and talk! That's not true, but they did eat food -- and for some weird reason, I love reading the unimportant details like food and shopping and stuff!

    I haven't read it, Sierra -- but you make it sound pretty awesome, so I'll be giving it a read! Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Wow, only $5.00? And if it's as great as you say it is, then that's an awesome deal! :) Nice review, thanks for sharing Emii!


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