this is who i am: a follower of Christ.

I was listening to the radio. This lady rings up, and she asks when the usual presenter is coming back. The guy answers her, and she says something along the lines of, "Oh, good. You're just not as good. I mean, thankyou for filling in, but... you just don't have the humour."

That hurt. I mean, I was just listening. But I know what it's like to be put down for who you are. And those words... that is how you can tear someone's heart apart. Those words can stick with them.

I'm sure this lady is a lovely lady. We just need to remember...
Our words have the power to change lives. Now it's time to make a decision.

Are your words going to change people's lives for good or for bad?
Want to know something? This was the "Christian" station. Who only broadcast "Christian" things. I suppose this was "Christian" because there was no swearing or something used, huh?

From now on, I'm a Follower of Christ. That's who I am.


  1. Ouch...those words are really painful to hear (what the lady said to the guy on the radio). I am a follower of Christ too. And it doesn't matter if the world doesn't accept it. They can't give me anything worth having that I don't already have.

  2. Woohoo!You go Emii! My mom just told me... well it's a long story.See I'm going to this ball and we are doing some practices dances before it and I invited a friend.Well tonight her Mom called and wanted some info.And she told my Mom that once at another church (I think it was another dance practice only bigger and more extravagant) I don't know if it was her daughter or one of their friend's, but the girl showed up in shorts and the people running the dance(the practice for the dance was where she showed up, on Wednesday night, not Sunday) made her leave!That is like wrong!And they are supposed to be Christians.I could see how they might ask her to wear something else because it made the guys uncomfortable if they were super short but otherwise?It's just mean!
    So I get you.We should really try to act like Christians so everyone.Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  3. Nice quote pictures! Love them! :) I can't believe how straight out rude that caller was! Great post Emii, I'm with you!


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