this is real this is me

I'm writing. 
It's been too long. You want to know how you know when you're doing the right thing?
Because you can feel it. When you've just written a thousand words and an hours gone by and it feels like two minutes. 

When you realize that what they say doesn't matter. That it gives you things to bring into your characters world and let them say and do the things you wished you did but were too scared. 

When you know it doesn't matter if it makes sense because this comes from your heart and it's real and it's you.

When you're no longer unsure or confused about who you are because you're being true.

When life doesn't seem hard. Just honest. 

When you know that today is today and the experiences you had weren't all good, but some bad, and you can move on and learn from that.

Don't let someone tell you who you are.

I like this last quote. And as you can see, I've just discovered Pinterest.


  1. That last one is funny.Great post Emii!Very inspiring! And so true...
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. awesome quotes, em! i especially love the c.s. lewis one :)

    love forever,
    anna :)

    ps - megan at 'me. that's all i want to be.' changed my background to a two column! hope this helps!

  3. I LOVE these pics with the quotes, Emii! So amazing! Where did you get them, or did you make them? So good!

  4. Sierra -- it's true, isn't it? I love it! And thankyou.

    I ♥ it too. CS Lewis quotes just have something about them. Something different and... well, like he let nothing in this world stop him from dreaming and being who God made him to be. I mean, what if people'd said dreaming and writing and magical lands was stupid?

    Oh, thankyou! :)

    Me three, Brownie girl. :D

    Alisha -- thanks! They're so much fun to find -- just check out "Pinterest"!


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