our dream... God's dream

So, our class has this substitute teacher. Now you see, our class isn't exactly what you'd call well behaved. We're a nice bunch. We're just, as one of teachers likes to say, "Shocking at listening."

And here we have this teacher. As it turns out, she sings opera. My friends and I asked her if she could sing for all of us-- we're actually an insanely musical class, which is pretty cool. But the class wasn't exactly on its best behaviour at that moment. We compromised -- she'd perform for us after class.

Here we are, and she starts singing some Spanish song or something. It was amazing. As in, amazing. It's not as if I spend all my time listening to opera -- but believe me. She's good. 

And then she starts talking about how she always wanted to be a famous singer, in Austria, performing and everything. But then she became a teacher.

"Why?" I couldn't help but ask that. I mean, why would you give up the future you're dreaming of... the future you know that you can have?

Her answer went something like this;
"Because I felt like God was calling me to. It's not all about me; I didn't want my life to be me, me, me. I wanted to help other people. With teaching, I can help you guys when you're going through all this stuff. I know its hard."

And it stuck me. She was being authentic. She gave up her dream of being a famous opera singer on the stages of Austria for kids like me. 

Am I willing to give up what I want for what God wants? 
This lady -- she's young, beautiful and loves God -- she actually cares about people more than herself. She put aside her dream to follow God. 

And, as she said -- "Maybe God still does plan for me to sing in Austria."

Because you know what? God's plan for me and for you is so insanely better than anything we've ever thought. We just need to trust him. 

Let God; Let God.

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people. -- Galations 6:10a


  1. i love authentic people. and i love that your teacher is so gracious - and faithful. that's awesome, em!

    <3anna :)

  2. She sounds like a great substitute, one who really cares about the students. I hope one day she gets to live her dream. :) I want to follow God's plan for me. And since He knows me the best, I'm sure whatever He wants me do is something I'll love! :)

  3. That is lovely and so selfless of her to teach. God does have a special plan and purpose for each of us.

  4. I've asked a few close teachers why it was they became teachers when I hear they studied entirely different fields, and it was always so disheartening to hear of disappointment in their lives. So it's refreshing to hear 1) a teacher bold about her faith and 2) someone who chose a path that God told her to!

  5. That last picture is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  6. wow she sound so nice. lucky you. that's a great thing she is doing.



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