of what we are capable

Have you ever tried something -- and you just couldn't pick it up? Figure it out? Understand?

And so you leave it. Walk away.

Sometime later, you come back. Without even noticing, you begin doing naturally the impossible.

I'm screaming me me me right now, right here. It excites me. We have no idea what we're capable of -- it's true. Sometimes you just have to wait. God know's what He's doing -- He knows His timing.


  1. ayyyyymen!!! i completely agree, em :)

    <3anna :)

  2. Love that quote! I agree too! :) Sometimes, we just don't believe in ourselves, or aren't willing to try. Like you said, God knows what He's doing, sometimes we just need to wait.

  3. Exactly! I love that quote! :)

  4. I totally agree Emii... and you know what, this year something really bad happened to me and people around me, and I learned a lot of things about myself... i mean i always thought i would be really scared if something bad happened 2 me like that, but this was wayyy different... I could feel God being with me, and he helped me not to be afraid. so since through God i wasn't afraid, I was able to encourage someone else who was really having a hard time thro it. so I had no idea i was capable of this, but the thing is, i'm not, it was God!! without Him, we can't do it, but with Him, there are a ton of opportunities, but sadly we don't listen and just walk away. :( thanks for the encouragement.

    and, i love love love love love the postyou did on "would i be brave?" it inspired me to get out and love some people i know who aren't saved and really hurting. thanks so much, God is definitely working through you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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