a life being changed

do you ever wonder why, when you see someone sitting by themselves, you don't go and sit next to them?
do you ever feel that you're not good enough for God?
that you've let Him down?
i am the only one whose seen someone lonely and just walked past without even saying hi?
and then asking God to give me another opportunity because i missed the first one -- and then ignoring it and walking by again?

i have fear of the things the world deems to be true
i'm afraid to close my eyes and allow
God to guide me
What if He turned around
what if He said goodbye?
It seems safer to be standing
on middle ground
with four walls surrounding
no-one can take me down.

you cannot live by faith and by fear 
at the same time
dear God may i make a request
the next time i prepare to walk on by
past someone who looks sad or lonely
or just because you say,
i ask that You fill me with courage
allow my heart to believe

people are watching
to see what choice i will make
and at the end of the day
if i can look up and say,
dear Jesus, I obeyed,
through You,
lives have been changed. 

i am so thankful. that my God will never give up on me.


  1. This is beautiful. We DO need to learn to reach out of our comfort zone. This reminds me slightly of a post I recently wrote on my own blog :) Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh, absolutely love your poem Emii! I can tell it came from your heart! Those are always the best ones! :)

  3. Thanks, Shelley :)
    Thanks so much for leading me to your post, His Daughter! It was something that I know I needed to hear. Er, read. :) And thankyou.

  4. Hi, Emii - I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. It is soo good... and something I need to hear all too often.
    I join you in that prayer... and am also so incredibly thankful that He does not give up on me in my weakness!

  5. Wow Emii. You're poem rings with Truth. And it's beautiful. Your posts are evidence of YOU being changed. It's an encouragement to me to see you pursuing God! Press on!


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