there's no formula

Maths is made up of formula's. Once you understand the formula, you've pretty much got the topic down, right?

As much as we try to make it, life is not the same. It's not, "Good grades + boyfriend + friends - breakup + new boyfriend + graduation + get famous - lose who you are + find God + get married + have a kid = happily ever after.

Or, "Hate school + No friends + bullied  + drop out of school = destined for a bad life.

Because that's just not how it works. Life isn't predictable.

You know what I think life is?

Living by faith. Trusting Jesus, giving your life to Him. Walking on the water.

"now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see.

"for I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. "plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

 It might be my life. But I'm trusting Jesus with it. I'm giving Him my life.

"Now then, in view of God's mercy, offer your bodies as living sacrifice's, holy and pleasing to God." Romans 12:1
What's that mean, exactly? Well, it means that it's not about what I want. I desire a heart like Jesus' -- ever read "Just like Jesus" by Max Lucado? Amazing book -- and I want what He wants for my life. Because I have no clue whatsoever what's good for me. And something else?

Jesus does. And not only that, He only wants me to have a life that honours Him, that reflects how I love Him and learn to love everyone else.

It occurred to me the other day. I was awestruck.

We're going to meet Jesus. We're going to meet God... face to face. Did you hear that?

I am going to meet God face-to-face. Eye to eye.

It's not some story. It's real. I can't even begin to fathom (Yes, I seriously just wrote that) that fact.

God. Is. Real.
Heaven. Is. Real.
And I'm going to meet Him face to face.

With inspires me to to live my life differently. Gives me a new perspective.

Not to waste it on things everyone else reckons are important but really aren't.

I'm going to be me -- authentically me. Listening to Jesus with my whole heart.

Loving like He loves.

That day is real.

dear Jesus,
i give you my life.
i don't know what i want.
You do.
You've got the plan, not me.
i want a heart like Yours.

Where you go, I'll go Where you stay, I'll stay When you move, I'll move I will follow you Who you love, I'll love How you serve I'll serve If this life I lose, I will follow you I will follow you -- Chris Tomlin, I Will Follow 


  1. so inspiring emii!
    and So true!
    lovvvvve iiiiit!

  2. Preach it, sista! :) Amazing post, girl...keep it up!

  3. thank you for that post emii. so inspiring. ♥

  4. Beautiful Emii! Your heart shines right through :-).
    \0/\0/\0/\0/\0/~~Angels praising Jesus. For HE is worthy of all our praises!

    Hugs & Blessings~Donna

  5. Awesome post. (:

    Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my favorite verses, so I love that you included that. Thanks for sharing this!


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