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"We meet no ordinary people in life." CS Lewis, Mere Christianity

So the other day while I was scrolling through quotes by CS Lewis (For those of you who don't know, imagination of probably the most amazing stories in the world, Chronicles of Narnia) I found the quote above.

It is so true. Yet we sometimes -- actually, most of the time -- don't learn people's hearts. We don't get to know them enough, care enough -- to actually understand people. But the fact is, there are no ordinary people in life.

We know everyone's different. We might have categories for the "bubbly" people, the "quiet" people, the funny people and the ugly people.

But that's just surface stuff, and we need to know it. There's no such thing as perfect people -- and there's no such thing as ordinary people.

With that truth, I think it's time I live with a different perspective. I don't know people; it's not up to me to judge. No siree, I'm leaving that up to God. And as for me...

dear God,
please show me how i can understand people better.
the one's i don't get along with,
the personalities i might clash with.
you're teaching me to accept, to love unconditionally.
not to judge.
remind me, Jesus, that there's no such thing as
ordinary people.
You made us all.
we can have a heart like Yours.
teach me, teach us;
to understand eachother.


  1. Beautiful prayer Emii! I totally agree, it's not our job to judge other people! :)

  2. So sweet and so true. Thanks for this! It is hard to not judge but I am trying to see everyone as a child of God and how God sees them as an individual.

  3. This is SO true. Thanks for this great reminder, Emii. ♥

  4. Amen! Wow...that is sooo true and I know that i have such a problem with judging people--not seeing them through God's eyes, ya know? anyways, that's definitely a great reminder for me so thanks for the awesome post!

    Btw, would you consider doing a guest post on my blog sometime this August? i am going away camping and on a missions trip and will be gone almost the whole month so if you could do that, that would be great!

  5. Amazing words, I know CS Lewis, great author (Chronicles of Narnia), and good friend of J. R. R. Tolkien ("The Lord of the Rings")

  6. you're liking C.S. Lewis lately, aren't you?? nice post... :) love the blog! ♥

  7. Haha, Krissi, I definitely am!:)
    Shelley -- it's so hard to put into practice though, isn't it?
    I'm with you on that, Kayla. I'd love to do a guest post, Chelsea!
    Your welcome, and thanks, Hannah and Talia.

  8. Awesome quote! I love C.S. Lewis. What you're saying is so true. :)

  9. Btw, I don't know if you realized this, but I am officially BACK on my blog!!!! :)

  10. love the new look... surprisingly enough, i happen to have the same tag sitting on my desk! you went to the shop near your house, didn't you? :)


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