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You know how some days just aren't your best? I guess I had one of those days today. And so I've decided...

In everything that I say, in everything that I do. I want it to show that I love You. 

It's that easy to get distracted. To lose focus on what life is really about -- loving Jesus and loving others like He loves us -- and suddenly only care about ourselves and what's happening with us and what people think of us. You know, narcissistic. That big word I was talkin' about in my last post.

But I don't want it to be like that any more. I want it to be so that when people see me... they see You, Jesus.

I'm not going to spend my time thinking about guys, what people think or making sure my life's all good, all perfectly balanced in "every" way -- you know, the perfect life. Like Mary Poppins -- "Perfectly perfect in every way." Face it, life isn't like that. We have to accept it -- and move on. But learn from our mistakes, and then continue on in our lives with a better understanding. With a fresh perspective on life, on God.

I'm sorry for everything I've done wrong, God.

I just read this post, over at the Lies Young Women Believe blog. And I realized -- I've been kinda slow in understanding this, in some ways. Well, more like I was confused, and going back and forth.

 "I used to think being a good Christian meant acting like one, striving to be one. I'm slowly learning that it's letting the very-alive Spirit of God take over every part of me and do what's natural for Him (and absolutely unnatural for me!)."

That's what I gotta do. That's what we've all gotta do. Let God's Spirit take over me. I mean, you'd think I was a control freak, the way I don't give God all areas of my life to control -- just the select few I don't mind giving over to Him. But I just want to give Him my whole life. As in, that big word that we hardly understand -- surrender. Are you with me? Are you ready to surrender your whole life to Him?


  1. Love this post Emii! You are so right! I'm ready! Ready to let Him make me the person I've been striving for. :)

  2. Hey, thanks A WHOLE LOT for this post. Lately I've been asking myself and God how it is that I'm supposed to be a good Christian. You reminded me that I've gotta be giving EVERYTHING of me to God, not just SAYING that I've given it all to Him. Again, thanks! :)

  3. can i have my mind back please? ;)
    haha. this is exactly what i've been feeling lately!

  4. Wow, Emii! That's an incredible post. You're right, life isn't perfect and we aren't perfect, but we can't beat ourselves up afterwards for not being the perfect Christian. Cuz we can't. But God can and will "take over every part of me", if only we surrender our WHOLE selves to Him.

    My pastor calls that 'supernaturally natural'. We have to learn to embrace the Holy Spirit and let Him guide us and do supernatural things through us. And we have to learn to do this so often that it just becomes natural. And we can't do that with God's help, either. I'm learning a lot that we can't do anything without God. Nothing. Zilch. Noodle. (Haha...that's for you Veggie Tales fans like me. :) )

    Anyway...I hope that all made sense. :D

    BTW, you're post also made me think of Romans 12:1-2. I love that chapter. :)

    God bless!!


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