power of prayer

There's so much to pray for. There was that volcanic erruption in Chile -- and there's this gigantic ash cloud that's made it's way over, which has caused like, all flights to be cancelled. No-one's going anywhere.

New Zealand -- we all know about that massive earthquake that tore down Christchurch. But every morning I'm waking up to news of another huge earthquake over there. As in, this morning something like 50 buildings were brought down, if I was listening right as mum walks around the house reading the news out loud. Gotta love it.

But seriously. I think we need to thank God, too. My dad was in New Zealand while I was away, at a funeral for a cousin. He was going to stay a bit longer, but he didn't. Just think... if he'd stayed the long weekend, he wouldn't be here right now. Come to think of it, there were no earthquake's while he was there -- but suddenly they've started up again. How come You're so amazing God and nobody cares? How come we don't acknowledge the God-things You do?

I don't want to. Something's going to be different.

I'm looking out my window. The outside world is still quiet. Grey sky, the sun is still rising.  I just went and stuck my head out the window. The smell of people's firewood keeping them warm [with the fire, of course. firewood doesn't do you much good to keep warm by itself].The coolness of the air. The constant bustle of traffic in the distance. And of course, those tweeting birdies.

It's a brand new day. And as I look out the window, I'm wondering.

What God-things is God going to bring to us? To this day? Because I know they'll be there. I don't want to miss them.


  1. Hey i gave you an award on my blog!! Check it out:D


  2. Amen, Emii! Those words speak volumes! Thank God for your dad's safety. I pray for those who've been devastated everyday when I'm reminded of how good I have it.



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