i want to be content

I just read a post by Talia over at Girlz of God about being content.

And I thought, "Wow. Content. Where'd that go?" Because I was sitting here, kinda confused, kind of unsure. And then it was just like, "Content? Content. I need to be content."

I've definitely over-used the word. But the point is, Paul knew the secret to being content -- he said so himself.

[content] 1. Desiring no more than what one has; satisfied.

I want to be content. 

dear Jesus, 
please show me how. Paul knew the secret; can you let me in on it? 


  1. Wonderful post, Emii. I love the honesty in your posts, and I often strive and think "I want to write like Emii!" Being content is so important, yet often so hard. I will pray that we will both be content in Christ <3.
    Thanks for posting this Emii.
    God bless,

  2. Yes, I want to be content too. Not just pleased, or happy, but content! :) Lovely post Emii!

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  3. Contentment is believing in yourself and in the grace of Jesus. Contentment is not being of the world
    but passing through. To be content is not keeping up with the Jones or the Smiths or whoever. Contentment is just being.....
    Have a lovely weekend and if you are ever passing by my space you will be welcomed with a hug, smile and a virtual cup of tea.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy
    Beverley xx (UK)

  4. content. content...i need that too.
    dear jesus,
    he knew the secret, and soon emily will too. help me to join them-please. i love you.
    hannah <3

  5. Great post. Excellent timing, too, because at church this week my youth group went over contentment.


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