today is a gift from God

i see how fast it goes
the end, well no-one knows
it's time to stop
and smell the roses
to give a smile and greet,
and great today.
don't close my eyes,
and wish it all away
like rain come back
another day.
No, but close your eyes
and pray for the hard things,
seek Him cuz your lost
we don't live by the date
we live by faith
i know that things
are about to change
and by standing firm,
i will gain life.

-- emii, 29.5.11

I'm not a poet, obviously. I prefer to think of these words as incomplete lyrics.

But it's true, you know. I'll be back in 11 days. Things are going to change -- and I know one things for sure. I'm going to be trusting God like I never have before.

"feels like I'm falling and that's what it's like to believe." -- Fransesca Battistelli, I'm Letting Go


  1. Well, in my opinion, I think you are an epically amazing poet!!! :) So true, too! Btw, I just posted on my blog yesterday if you want to check it out...

  2. Wonderful poem Emii! Beautifully written, and so true! :)

  3. I love your poem :) it's beautiful!
    Oh, and also, I read your post about Tangled...I love that movie! :D it's pretty much my favorite movie ever.
    ~Rayray (I'm from the RL blog :D)

  4. i love this blog! oh and i loved tangled!!! it was so awesome. i have seen it like 45 times now, no joke. although that might be because my baby sister loves it lol

  5. that was beautiful, Emii!!!!!!

  6. Emii!
    wow, i was just bored and then i was like, aw yeah ill go on blogspot again. havent been on it since 2010, that was ages ago !
    anywaaay, thought id go on your blogg, i miss it heaaps. haha
    i like the poeeem btww,
    im gonna get back into bloggin again, aha; ive missed it :)
    libbby xo


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