Book Review: Warrior

Warrior, by Bryan Davis. A book that has sat silently in my school bag, my handbag, even held in my arms -- for the past five months. It was rarely opened in this time.

Until a few days ago. Why wasn't it opened? I haven't read a lot of fantasy in my life. I've read one other book in this genre, to be exact. "Sweet Valley Twins: The Magic Christmas". And that was years ago.

Another reason I wasn't allowing myself to turn that cover page? Well, it's about dragons. I've never been really interested in them. And the cover is a guy holding a sword. It's black. It's thick. And it was number two in the series -- who were these people? Jason? Koren? I was lost.

But then, like I said, a few days ago -- I opened it up. I entered the story.

And I couldn't put it down.

The thing about fantasy -- anything is possible. In Warrior, there are different gifts. Koren's a Starlighter. She can tell stories -- she allows people to see things they wouldn't normally see. Elyssa is a Diviner. Jason, well, Jason's a warrior. Wallace is a cool guy who also carries a sword. And Arxad and Magnar? They're dragons.

Exodus, the bright shining star. Koren wondering -- she knew the Code. But did she really know the Creator?

The mysteries buried inside the pages of this book -- all 421 of them. The wisdom, the hope. The trials, the chains.

I can honestly say. This is the best book I've ever read.

I think fantasy is a lot like real life. You know what? With Jesus, anything is possible. He gave us gifts -- the Creator gave you a gift. He did. And with Him, we can do things the world says we can't. The things that are impossible -- with God, we can do them.

"an impossible task requires only a possibility not yet imagined."

Thanks to Zonderkidz for sending me this book to review. 


  1. I'm going to be reading this.It's among the next 3 to read :)
    I read the first one and I must admit that was a while ago and I'm afraid that I won't remember the characters.I can't wait to read it!Can you give me the address for zonderkidz? I thought you were signed up with Zondervan and I couldn't find how to sign up anywhere.That must be why :)
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥

  2. I'm not a fan of fantasy and dragons as well, but it must be a really awesome book if it's the best one you've ever read! Thanks for sharing, I'll keep it in mind! :)

  3. Thank you very much for the kind review. I appreciate it. The next book, Diviner, will be out in September. I hope you enjoy it as well.

    Bryan Davis

  4. Thanks for the great review! I'm getting both the first and second book by a giveaway and even though I've read a lot of Bryan Davis' past books, I was afraid these wouldn't be the same.

    God bless,
    Maiden of Emmanuel

  5. Emii!Bryan Davis was on your blog!Do you know him or did he just find it?Sierra

  6. Hey Sierra,
    Ah, the address? I have noo idea. If you go to the official website I'm sure you'll find something!:) And yes, he was. Gotta love authors reading their reviews!

    Definitely give it a shot, Shelley! Even though it's kinda hard to find number 1. I was in our Christian bookshop yesterday, and they had like, no number ones of anything. Apparently they're hard to get in, which is kinda silly!:P

    You're welcome, Bryan! I'm looking forward to Diviner. And number one, for that matter!

    Maiden (I'm just gonna call you that:)) -- well, they're great! I haven't read any of his other books, but I think I might have to give them a go!


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