pondering things that are deep.

Turns out the whole 'My Heart Speaks Lyrics" thing is much more popular. Seven of you have the right answer. I say we keep it going for a few more days -- so if you haven't entered yet, go HERE and give us your answer!

Oh, and thanks to all of you who voted on my poll about a makeover -- as you can see, I've started. Yes, started. Not finished. But what do you think of the background? I still have to make a header and a menu bar -- yes, I mucked up the daisy one awhile ago, so I'm excited to make one again. I've missed it.

How annoying is it when you want to buy music, and you have a voucher for a Christian bookstore but the songs you want by the same artist are all on different albums? How good would it be if you could mix and match, and create an album with all of their songs that you love? I'm just saying. :P

Me and mum were out shopping today, and I saw a sign with a shops business hours -- and you know, the times around Easter when they're closed. And I asked mum the ever-important question; Why is it that, every year, Easter is at a different time?

Christmas is always on the 25th of December. Mothers day is, what? Either the first or the second Sunday in May. Our birthday is always the same day. (Obviously.) But what's so different about Easter?

And who are the people that decide when it is?
Is looking at this years calender the only way we'll ever know when Easter is? Besides the fact that, when hot cross buns come out, we can guess that Easter will be here in about two months. (They come out earlier every year, I'm sure of it!)

Those are the questions I'm currently pondering. Deep, I know.

But if you want something deep to ponder, check out this quote. True, isn't it?


  1. hi! i am emilie. i found your blog through Adori Graphics and just wanted to say that i am your newest follower. :)

  2. I believe that I heard that Easter in the first Sunday after the first full moon of the Spring Equinoq in USA... But I could be {and probably am} wrong :P


  3. The new look is looking good! I love your header! Did you make that quote up yourself? :) And yeah, that's so weird how Easter is always at different times. It's a mystery ...

  4. I heard once that it has to do with the Jewish holidays... like, Jesus was crucified on so and so day after the passover or whatever. So Easter would be three days afterwards, when He rose again... I'm probably wrong, too. :]

    I love your blog, Emii, I'm not signed up on here but I read it and I love it. God bless you!

  5. Hey Emilie, thanks! Haha, Adori is a pretty cool place:D I love your blog!

    That's interesting, Catie. Thanks for sharing that!

    Thanks, Shelley! Haha, nope, I'm actually not sure who made it up. It's not permanent, though -- just until I find my laptop with photoshop on it!! Definitely a mystery.

    Ooh, thanks for your input too, Anonymous! I appreciate. And thanks so much!:)



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