pieces of me

I love M&M cookies. Music. Bracelets. Boxes full of random pieces of paper. Nail polish. Writing. 
You understand me, Jesus; remember me and care for me. -- Jeremiah 15:15


  1. love these pictures! the m&m cookie one is my favorite. :)

  2. Love it!I awarded you!http://missionkool.blogspot.com/2011/04/bug-bug-go-away.html Sierra

  3. M&M cookies are my absolute FAVORITE! Great verse too:) My friend has it painted on her bedroom wall. By the way, I Will Follow is one of my favorite songs! I'm glad it's playing on your blog.

  4. Thanks, Abbie!
    Laney -- I took the photo and I was just like, I LOVE THAT. So thankyou! :)
    Thanks, Sierra -- and thanks for the award!
    Woo! I know, they're the BEST, Devin! Ooh, that's so cool. If I was allowed I'd have verses and words all over my wall... but as it is, I'm not. ;) So I'm content with putting paper all over it instead aha. It's such a great song! I love singing along with it. Well, I love singing along with any song, but whatever:P It's great.

    Thanks for the comments, girlz! And, woo, four of you have the lyric answer so far!!:D


  5. Hey Emii!
    I gave you the stylish blogger award today! http://glitteringcompositions.blogspot.com/2011/04/awards-ceremony.html
    --Love MCat

  6. Nice post and great photos! : )

  7. Thanks for the award, M.Cat!
    Shelley, thanks:D
    Well thankyou, islandfogwarmer:)


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