Is there anyone out there?

...who knows how to convert my blog back to a two column? I've tried (quite a few times in the past few years:P) using a "convert to 3 column" tutorial -- but it's just not working for me. So... are you out there? I'm just not the HTML pro I used to be. ;)


  1. Sorry, I'm afraid I don't know much about that stuff either. Bit hope you find someone who can! :)

  2. You can just go to blogger dashboard. Then click on design. You then go to layout and click on the two column you want. You don't have to fool with your HTML at all.

  3. First, I'm assuming you have basic knowledge of html?

    You just go back to that tutorial and find the chunk of html that they said to add in in certain spot, press ctrl+f when on your html page, and paste the code in the search bar. Delete it all.

    Then scroll up or down (I can't remeber which) and find your outer wrapper, then delete the section that has your second sidebar.

    I'm so sorry if I mess your blog up pr something, but I havn't done html for AGES, and I'm not the html pro I used to be anymore either <3

  4. Template designer can help you shrink it if you use "Adjust widths." Hope that helps!

  5. supp.... i'll help you of you help me fix mine, k?? ;)


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