does anybody hear her?

One of my favourite songs. Does Anybody Hear Her, by Casting Crowns.
 It reminds me. We turn our heads. We look the other way. Our lives are good -- why hear anyone else's silent cry? We have to open our hearts to Jesus; and through Him we will shine for Him. If we turn away, how can other people love Jesus, too? If you want to watch this with the music video -- which I recommend, because it helped me understand and see the lyrics -- click HERE. I just couldn't post it on Blogger. :)


  1. Cool post, Emi! I really liked the last post, reminding us that we really are God's princesses.

  2. Wow, I watched the music video. Loved the song and lyrics! You're so right! Sometimes we don't know it, but we turn our backs on those who need help. Great eye opener! :)

  3. Yep, I can't wait to see Soul Surfer, either!

    Sorry I haven't commented. But, truly, I do read your blog.

    Love you,

  4. Yeah...that's a good, yet at the same time, sad song. I LOVE the song that's playing on your MiniPod right now...I Will Follow, Chris Tomlin. And now it's Francesca Battistelli...I love that minipod thing! :)

  5. love that song ayee, :/ so saddd,


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