a smiling thought; iceypoles

We're a week into Autumn (Wow, that went fast...) and after months of grey-sky Summer days... today, it reached 30 degrees. Celsius, that is. The sky is really blue, the sun is really hot... and we went for a half hour run this morning. Yes, it was hard.

And so when it got to lunchtime, and we'd been outside all morning, arms and faces probably turning red... and saw some of our friends with iceypoles... well, it was exciting. Especially since I remembered I had $2 in my bag since I didn't spend it last week at the canteen.

So Bessie and I went to our bags, and I said, "Iceypoles; that's a smiling thought." And then I was like, "That sounded a bit weird." And then Bessie went, "That sounds more like a blog post title."

Hey, notice how I didn't repeat? I used, 'said', 'like' and 'went'. Pretty pro. ;) ...I never edit my blog posts. And now I'm sitting here reading those two lines as if they're a story or something. Get over it, Emii.

Whew. So I just had a Billabong ice-cream. It was good. It's chocolate on one side and vanilla on the other. But the vanilla doesn't even taste like ice-cream. It's so weird, but YUM!

Here's a song I love. I don't know why, but I do.

I'm reading Luke right now. I've spent the last who-knows how long reading through all Paul's stuff -- which I absolutely love. And now I'm reading about this guy who really did live on this Earth; Jesus is real. He really did walk on this ground and talk to people, face to face.

And He loves me.
Jesus really did love. Really does love. I mean, yesterday I read this story, about this widow whose son had just died. Well, it says that Jesus' heart went out to her. His heart went out to this lady. And he didn't just offer his condolences. No -- he brought her son back to life.


  1. Wow Emii i love your posting! Your totally random and then totally JESUS!!! GOD BLESS U!

    Mary ;)

  2. Oh, thanks, Mary! I really appreciate it. :)



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