in the world but not of it

I was at Emily Shae's blog, Grace Like Rain, and I saw this quote. And I love it. So, I made a button. How much FUN is Picnik?! It's exciting! And the finished product is different everytime... provided you don't make it look exactly the same everytime, of course. 

The same is true of the Bible. You can read the same part over and over again -- and get something different everytime. Not just see the words in a new way -- but God can say something to that He didn't tell you last time. Or you can just rush through it, feel as if you've done your daily devotion or Bible reading or whatever -- but not really see anything. 

I know I'm guilty of that. I sit there and say, "Okay, God. I've got a minute right now that I'm giving to you -- quick, speak! My eyes are closed, and I can't believe I'm doing this -- but I'm giving you exactly thirty seconds, God." I don't know what happened to that minute -- or the thirty seconds, for that matter -- but it's definitely not spent listening to God. It's more like spent with me thinking what I'm going to do after I've gotten this quiet time thing over with -- breakfast, computer or reading Christy and Todd, the College Years? 

"Come ON, God -- speak to me!" How can I be like that? Why can't I just give my Daddy all the time in the world? If I say I'm living for Him, that I want to be alive in Him -- why can't I just sit here for as long as long is, without needing to get up and do something that this world would consider productive?

Maybe that's it, you know. The world doesn't count quiet time with God as anything special. Anything good. Anything worth spending your time with. 

Oh, so because people who spend their time gossiping and just all around having fun say that being in the presence of God is pointless and just a big waste of time -- well, why would I want to be with Him?

Because he's my Daddy. That's why. Because He loves me, and because He wants me to obey Him. And if I don't sit down and be quiet and shut up -- I won't hear Him. 


  1. Hah! Love this post, Emii! It's so sweet and very, very true!

    Keep on shinning. :)


  2. I think you may want to put a facebook button to your website. I just marked down the article, however I had to complete it by hand. Simply my advice.

  3. so, true em. being in the world and not of it. it's rather hard, though. but i'm learning, just like you all.

    KUTAW! *wink wink*

    -anna :)

  4. Those were beautiful pictures and beautiful quotes!! : )

  5. This is so true and completely relates to me right now - great post Emii. You should really write a devotional book!
    --Love MCat

  6. I'm pretty sure we are all guilty of that.I know I am.I'm trying to improve :) Sierra


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