blisters on my little toes

Yeah, that's pretty disgusting, isn't? But I guess that's what happens when you hike up and down steep hills for two days. We left yesterday, and our class spent five hours hiking to a little spot by a river. Those hills... whew. Talking helps, if you have the energy.

But I don't know how I did it today. I almost died, walking back. I mean, carrying a pack that weighs 12kg that digs into your shoulders and hips and back... not cool. I can hardly move!

Oh, I fell over that many times. I have the scratches and bruises to prove it.

Before we left, I just happened to read a Sierra Jensen book about she and her friends going on a backpacking trip -- and I almost think I should read it so I can sympathise with them. Almost. I don't quite want to relive the experience just yet.

But seriously. Everytime I saw another hill looming in the distance, I was just like... I can't do this. But I did it. I don't know how. I prayed to Jesus that He would help me. And so here I am; I survived.

I was counting my steps on those hills -- literally, under my breath. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... and start over. Except for one particularly steep hill, when I woke up enough to realize I was up to step sixty-eight.

So I'm really tired right now, which is understandable. It's funny how I was here, at home, yesterday -- and I'm here today -- but it feels like I've been gone so much longer.

It was a good experience. I'm so glad I had this opportunity, and it was actually pretty fun.

Even if we did have to pack up our tent in the rain.

Trust in Him at all times, O People
Pour out your heart to Him,
For God is your refuge. 
Psalm 62:8

I love this verse.


  1. Yeah, hiking isn't really the thing for me...to much walking. ;)

    That is a beautiful verse!! Though, I have to admit...sometimes it is hard to pour out my whole heart to Jesus. *sighs* Still working on that.


  2. wow, em! that's awesome.

    love that verse...thanks for sharing it :)

    anna :)

  3. Among all the out-of-breath moments, and the times where you thought you'd collapse, I am glad to read that you still had a fun time! :) I like to hike, and I do it fairly often, but never that long! :)

  4. Hey Shelley -- hiking is actually pretty fun, isn't it? Just not the second day when I wake up and have to put that pack back on my back, where my shoulders and hips are aching!

    Lily -- I know what you mean. Hmm, maybe I'll post about it...

    I love it too, Anna :) Thanks for commenting!



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