tag: ten artists

1.   Oh, it's been so long since I've done a tag! And since Lily tagged me... well, it's all pretty exciting, really. It's actually a really fun tag. :D

 1         1.  Taylor Swift
2.     2  Miley Cyrus
3.      3 JJ Heller
4.      4 Owl City
5.      5 Brooke Fraser
6.      6 Lisa Mitchell
7.     7  Nick Jonas
8.      8 Colbie Cailat
9.      9 Jason Mraz
10.  10 Fransesca Battistelli

What was the first song you ever heard by 6? 
Um.. Incomplete Lullaby? Unless you count when she was on Australian Idol. Then I have no idea. :D

What is your favourite song of 8?
Bubbly. It's actually the only one I know.. :P
What kind of impact has 1 left on your life? 
That if we write about who we are and what we believe... who cares how we're accepted? We have to be who we are. 
What is your favourite lyric of 5s? 
"when i can't feel You, i have learned to reach out just the same. when i can't hear You, i know You still hear every word i say. and i want You, more than i want to live another day...and as i wait for You, i am made more... faithful." -- faithful

How many times have you seen 4 live? 
Zero. I don't think he's come to Australia... 
What is your favourite song of 7? 
Oh, what's it called... the one about when he first got diabetes... A Little Bit Longer. It's years old, but it just came to me. 
Is there any song of 3 that makes you sad? 
I don't know many, but Love Me is a sad song but full of hope. ♥
What is your favourite song by 9?
I'm Yours
How did you first get into 2? 
Hannah Montana. My 10 year old self loved the show... and my fifteen year old self still does:P
How did you first get into 3? 
One of you girlz posted a link to one of her songs in the chat thing :) Two of you, actually, like a year apart:P
What is your favourite song by 4? 
Tidal Wave is a personal favourite...
How many times have you seen 9 live? 
Ah, none.
What is a good memory concerning 10? 
A good memory? Uh... singing This Is The Stuff really loudly? Haha :)
Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad? 
Well, Bubbly is a pretty bubbly song, so I can't say I know of any... ;)
What is your fave song of 1's? 
Oh, come on! There's too many. Never Grow Up. Or You Belong with Me. I like Innocent. Haunted. And then there's A Place in This World, Teardrops on My Guitar... okay, I confess. I love them all. 
How did you become a fan of 10?
I heard her songs on the radio, and they're just so catchy and fun! Except Beautiful Beautiful. That song is just plain beautiful. ♥ 

And now comes that time, when I tag you... 

Well, here's what you have to do. Choose one of my ten artists -- and tell us what you like about them. Why? ...because you can. And because I don't like choosing people:P


  1. Nick J.
    His voice, his deep songs...uh...his looks?and his Joy To The World (My Christmas Prayer).
    I'm going to do this on my blog.Is that O.K.?

  2. Cool tag! I really like Taylor Swift! I like that she writes her own songs, and that her lyrics are relatable and real! :)

  3. Of course, Sierra! And I agree with what both you and Shelley suggsested... gotta love Nick J and Taylor Swift!:D

  4. I really love this tag, I did it yesterday. I like your variety of artists especially Francesca Battistelli, her songs are awesome!

    Have a great day! xxxx~Kelsey

  5. I love all of Taylor's songs too! And the impact you said she made on you. Ha that rhymed. :P But yeah she's very real. :)

  6. Hey Emii,
    thanks for commenting on my most recent blog post. I hadn't heard the quote before and I love it. Thanks SO much for sharing it. Could you tell me who said that quote? I may want use that in a post sometime. If you don't know that's fine. Have a great day! =)

    ~Elizabeth J.

  7. Yeah, Fransesca's awesome, Kels!
    Haha, Mahina...your a poet and you didn't know it! Okay, that was lame. :P


  8. I really like Taylor Swift but I find her song topics rather repetitive. The music is catchy though.

    As for Nick Jonas...well, he's cute.

  9. i love owl city! such a fun tag this is! love your blog, girl!

  10. Neat tag! I did it over on my blog too. :)



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