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I'm writing a novel! Okay, so for the last year I've started about ten different stories. But this is the one. I know it. And, after reading up on all the tips and tricks Steph Morrill shared with us, -- it's not too bad! And I can't wait for you girlz to read it. Even if I have written only 1000 and something words. I'll have to post an excerpt. [I know I'm always saying I'll post things and never do. But I will. I will!]

Oh, and, like, how cool are dictionaries? Hey, how about a word of the day? (Only for today, of course. I'll forget every other day.)

*randomely opening to a page in the dictionary*

Word: Oyster
definition: [a kind of shellfish whose shell sometimes contains a pearl.]
It's a noun, the dictionary just informed me. In case you were wondering.

There's something about pearls in the Bible, isn't there?
Matthew 13:45-46 -- "Or, God's Kingdom is like a jewel merchant on the hunt for excellent pearls. Finding one that is flawless, he immediately sells everything and buys it.

Jesus told stories so we'd understand. He tried to make it so everyone would be able to get what He's saying. Just read Matthew 13 and you'll get what I'm saying.

I'm going to read it -- properly -- too. Let's make that our goal for the week. I mean, it's a small one -- but you've got to start somewhere, don't you?

My goals for this week:

-- Read Matthew 13
-- Write a 1000 words a day

I love You Jesus. I just do.


  1. awesome! can't wait to read some! :D

  2. Ooooh, can't wait to read an excerpt!!!!!! (:


  3. Great idea for a novel.
    May I suggest a tremendous resource for you (and I admit bias).
    "One Precious Pearl: God's Design for His Church" - find more information at
    May God richly bless your writing efforts for Him.

  4. Emii! Are you going to post the movie quote and the winner from last week????

  5. Can't wait to hear about it!
    Stephanie has helped me see different points of view.
    I started a fairy tale in like December wrote 3 pages and then I was figuring out the plot and characters and now I'm kinda stuck.I just haven't gotten around to picking up the notebook.Is it easier to do on the computer?


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