In This World...

I had one of those "Oh!" moments the other day. We need a name for these, don't we? Submit your suggestions and we'll VOTE!

See, we care so much about what people think of us. Our friends, our classmates, people we work with -- and we do things that we're pretty sure we'll be accepted by them. I mean, we wouldn't want to something that would make those people think we're weird or something, would we?

Uh, right.

Who created you? Me? That would be God.

You know what's in the Bible, that John Newton also said? "Be in the world, but not of it." That's actually part of the lyrics in the song I wrote, called In This World, on my BlogPod [name courtesty of Anna:P] in the right column there.

God made us. God's the one who actually care's about every single little thing we do and say. He's the one who's going to judge us and know what we did good and when we listened and when we didn't.

When it comes right down to it, how much do you care about the person who wore a really funny-looking outfit down the street yesterday? Uh, not at all maybe? I didn't even notice anyone. Because who cares?

Maybe if we stop caring about those things, everyone else will, too. But how do we even start? Here's what I say.

Forget about what those people are saying -- if they want you to do something "cool" but it's really a silly thing to do -- well, don't. I know that's just easier said than done.

But choose Jesus. He's the One who loves us. Like, really does. JESUS LOVES YOU.

So here it is. Your decision.

Jesus.                                                              The world.

I know who I'm choosing.

...remember the good old blogging days? ...KUTAW! ...that's right. Keep up the awesome work. Who made that up, anyway? It was like, Chelsea or someone... I love remembering good times.


  1. Hi Em,
    Just wanted to say that your blog is fabulous; really diverse and creative and challenging.

    I had a kind of similar/connected "oh!" moment yesterday talking with a friend. She felt God was leading her in one direction, but was worried about letting other people down. (I related!)The thought occured to me: who, at the end of the day, would I rather let down - other people or God? Hadn't thought of it quite like that before! Felt slightly sheepish...
    Long comment, sorry, but wanted to let you know yur posts are spot on and completely relevant - thanks! Dani oxox

  2. Great post!!

    My suggestion for what to call those "Oh!" moments would have to be "lightbulb moments"... You know how like, in cartoons, when the character realizes something? The lightbulb comes on over his head? LOL. :]

    Happy Valentines Day! Do they celebrate it in Australia? If not, then... Have a good day! lol.;)


  3. so, so, so true. "be in the world, not of it." i tend to forget this isn't my real home at times, that a far better one is waiting for me. :)

    haha, yes -- the blogpod...*sigh* good times, good times.

    and KUTAW! (as Chelsea would say) i miss her!

  4. Really cool post! :) Love the design btw!


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