Book Review: Limos, Lattes & My Life on the Fringe

The fourth book in the Real Life series by Nancy Rue.

I think that Tyler Bonning is a Perfect Melancholy. She's smart. She's organized. And she's into spreadsheets... I don't even know what a speadsheet is. Microsoft Excel? I think so.

At the beginning of the book, we know one thing for sure -- Tyler's a thinker. You've got people who have thinking as a preference -- and you've got feelers.

Tyler, like I said, is a thinker. She analyzes everything. This girl can sort it through in her brain and leave it at then. Problem solved.

But then the Tyler meets the new girl -- same time, actually, that she's nominated for Prom Queen -- as a joke.

And that's when everything really does begin to change. In Tyler's life, and everyone else's.

The beginning of the book, for me, went a teeny little bit slow -- but as I turned the pages, the story began to grab me. A whole lot. Actually, that sounds familiar, doesn't it? That's what the leather-covered RL book does.

My favourite part about Nancy Rue's books are her lines. I mean, they make me smile. They make me giggle. Some might even make me laugh-out-loud -- and then read the same line again, so I can laugh all over. The random things that most people wouldn't even write down -- Nancy does, and for me it's half the story. They're the things I remember, one of the things that make Nancy's books different and special.

Out of all four books, I could probably relate the most to Tyler. I'm not sure why. We don't sound all that alike, really -- I have no idea why. But I feel like I understand her more than, say, Bryn or Cassidy or Jess.

I learned some things, too. Even when it seems like nobody in the world even care's about what you're doing -- Jesus does. Sometimes those little details never seem to work out, when we're out here in the rain by ourselves. But if we allow Jesus to hold an umbrella over our heads, he'll help us work it out.

This book was so kindly given to me by Zonderkidz, and you'll be able to get -- or find, thanks to the awesome "Pass it On" campaign --  in April or May. Put it on the calender -- you don't want to miss this one.

Oh, and here's a piece of advice I think we all need to hear, every once in a while.

"When everything's unclear and you can't see what's happening.. climb a tree."

That's what I learned from Limos, Lattes & My Life on the Fringe.


  1. Wait - it's already out??
    I HAVE to get it!
    --Love MCat

  2. Awesome review! Oh, and I am sooooo jealous! ;) Can't wait till it gets out.


  3. I was hoping someone would catch what book I was referring to when I mentioned Christy & the gang! I'm reading the Katie Weldon Series for the 2nd time...& I feel SO much better reading your comment & others' too. We are not alone! Love ya!
    A girl waiting for her Todd,

  4. I'm back Emmi! I missed your posts and I'm super excited to be back!

  5. M.Cat -- not until May, I think it is. But you'll def have to get it when it comes out!

    Thanks, Prism! :D

    Amber -- I, I wouldn't be able to miss it:P Yeah!

    Hope -- Wooo, welcome back!!

  6. Oh, Emii! This was lovely. I cannot wait to read this myself. Thanks for posting your review on this. :)


  7. Hey Emii!!
    How'd you get to read her book ahead of schedule? Totally not fair :p !

  8. Thanks, Em!
    Haha, Paige -- Zonderkidz sent it to me to review. Was insanely exciting, I held bragging rights in my house for the rest of the day:P


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